Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality spelled (drawn) out for the layman with very important links in the about section for taking action against the monopoly. For those of you who complain about a “slow” internet now, just wait until the speed of your access, along with what you’re allowed to access, is no longer dictated by the power of your personal computing device of choice.

This is an online dictatorship in the works. It’s a ploy on the verge of success to break the internet and the power we have as people to share information with the world, all in the name of making more money off of us.

I have just filed two complaints with the FCC with hopes of saving #NetNeutrality and an #OpenInternet . It took all of three minutes.

Below is the link to proceedings. Proceeding numbers are #14-28 and #14-57. Help save our internet. Anything else is a step in the wrong direction, and promotes an anti-access, anti-information, anti-capitalist agenda.


How many more billions of dollars do these oligarchs need?

Ignore it at the online peril of us all. #netneutrality2014