The Vape

The Vape

Dear Diary,

It has been a very long time since my last confession. Nostalgia prevents me from closing this account after deleting every post. This blog feels neglected and lonely, two feelings that fit like an old, favorite pair of jeans, even if the feelings are totally unwarranted presently.

I’ve quit smoking, but I won’t change my author page until I’ve succeeded from not smoking for the same amount of time that I smoked. That’s a little over 13 frikkin’ years. I’m on month number four, with only a few hiccups here and there. Currently, I vape. It’s an industry approximately 10 years old in the US.

Big tobacco is shitting bricks. There’s a lot of noise going on concerning how safe vaping might be, with very little mention of how safer vaping is compared to smoking. I find all current “research” dubious at best. Instead, I’ve decided to let my body do the talking.

I have a physically demanding job. And when I was smoking, my job was much more difficult. My relationship with the gym was near nonexistent, and when I did go, my performance was substandard at best. Every night before going to bed, I knew, and felt guilty, I was going to snore, disturbing my wife’s rest. I also knew I was going to have a stuffy nose, and I knew I’d wake up the next morning feeling like crap, dying to immediately feed my addiction at the first opportunity.

My stamina and endurance was at an all time low, and along with that, my self-esteem as well. Now, my body is working entirely differently. I can breathe again. I can taste food. I snore less, if at all. I wake up alert and ready to tackle the day. I’m much more focused. And over the last four months, my concentrated nicotine intake has been reduced from 18mg to a max of 4mg.

The vaping community is another plus. Most of us are former smokers, or smokers still in the struggle, working together to help each other quit tobacco for good. We’re a world wide support group. It’s damn cool. I only wish I could convince some coworkers of making the switch.

Vaping isn’t without its controversy, as I briefly touched upon. Below, I’ll leave the latest link I came upon earlier this morning with concerns to e-cigarettes. Still, it’s not half as bad as smoking “analog cigarettes”, (forgive the pretentious terminology, but it’s my new favorite.)

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