It isn’t an issue about race. Race is the undying distraction this country will always suffer.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter’s response to flash mobs, and my response.  Share your comments if you so desire.

I’m having a real tough time trying to formulate an appropriate response here, other than to say I agree wholeheartedly with what Mayor Nutter is saying and doing. I also very much agree with what Bill Cosby has said in the past. And I agree with what President Obama has said as well, in reference to sagging pants and manning up.

I was born and raised and lived all of my life up until recently in a neighborhood very much like Philadelphia; Newark, NJ. Even with a “rock star mayor” at the helm, my hometown’s supposed renaissance is suffering a most brutal backlash by the city’s criminal element. The honest, hard-working, working class citizens are the ones who are suffering while the riff raff run wild.

In the past six months, a police officer, a corrections officer, and a teacher have been murdered in cold blood.  This is not to count the scores of regular citizens who have lost their lives this year to gun violence.

There is no amount of outside dollars that can fix this. There are no songs to sing, or marches to march, or internet articles that will change the culture of crime in the United States’ poorest cities. It will have to be fixed at home. There are no societal cultures that will save my home city. There is only the culture of self-accountability and personal responsibility.

It wasn’t a societal culture that saved me. It was my own sense of self-worth. Everything starts at home, and everything starts with child-rearing, regardless of the dire environment.


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