Smoking: Don’t Do It

Allow me to smoke for you.  I’ve written plenty of times about my attempts to quit smoking.  Smoking as I type this out, it’s clear to see I’ve failed.  However, I don’t mind.  The key word is “mind”.  Smoking is about all that keeps my mind from cracking.

I make smoke dates with a bromance of mine.  We do it often.  It helps me to unwind, unlike the initial, intended purpose of this blog.  Smoking helps me to think, and to find solutions to this and that.  And there’s always a “this and that”.  I suppose there will always be a “this and that”.  I’ve learned to accept this as fact.  But that fact will have to deal with me smoking in order to cope.

I recently read or heard somewhere that smokers on average kill about seven years off their life expectancy.  I think I’m cool with that.  I’ve always planned on living until I was 88.  To live only until 81 is doable.  I’d still experience all the stuff that old people experience without skipping a beat:  i.e., shitting myself, contemplating suicide, being ignored for all of my wondrous memories which young folk will find boring.  Almost everything an old person says is boring, no matter how true.  The exception to the rule was when I witnessed an old person telling me a story with breaks in between to take a drag off their burner.

I have fond memories of my little brother and I forcing our mom to quit, and she eventually did.  She might have over two decades cigarette free now.  Kudos to her.  I had a chain-smoking uncle who quit cold turkey maybe about 10 years ago.  Kudos to him.  I have a few coworkers who have done the same.  Kudos to them.  In my case, keep your fucking kudos and pass them on to someone more deserving.  I don’t need your kudos.  I don’t need your understanding.  I don’t need your support.

What I need is your space, or better said, a greater amount of space between the two of us so that my smoking doesn’t offend you, nor your incessant speaking offend me.

This is Dr. Elliot Wineburg’s website for his Stop Smoking Medical Center.  If you’re a smoker trying to quit, his advice should be as good as any you’ll hear from any other doctor.

If you don’t smoke;  don’t do it.


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