An “interesting” time at Winnberies.

Winnberries in Summit, NJ

Winnberies in Summit, NJ

I’m posting this to see what you have to say about this.  You can comment here, in private, or at the other places I will be linking this entry.

My wife has not been feeling well the past couple of days.  So today she decided to go to her doctor.  She gave me ample time to get ready after making her appointment for a little after 2pm.   We left the house at 1pm, in order to grab a quick lunch before heading to her appointment.  We stopped into Winnberies.  We have had lunch and dinner there before, perhaps twice.

Upon entry, we were quickly seated, as the restaurant was half empty.  A server named “Michelle” came by, introduced herself and promised us to return to take our drink order.  Another server came to us 15 minutes later, and we ordered our cokes.  Two minutes later, we were ready to order, but the second server who never introduced herself seemed to forget we were there for another 13 minutes.  When she did return, we placed our orders and waited.  And waited.  My wife was the first to take notice of the fact that other people were coming in the place after us, and getting their food before us.  Again, the place was only half full, and we were seated in the middle of the place.

The manager made his rounds, greeting each table, and as I was in mid conversation with my wife, I missed my opportunity to ask about our slow service.  For the record, I order a tuna sandwich with fries, and my wife ordered a bowl of soup.  We were seated at 1:05pm.  Winnberies is literally around the corner from our house.  Finally, at 1:45, after having seen the second or third couple to walk in and get their food since we had been there, I flagged the manager over, explained the situation, and asked him for the check for our two cokes.  He apologized and gave me a lame excuse about how it was taking long because he wanted to bring the soup out with the sandwich at the same time.

How long does it take to slap tuna on some bread, or serve a bowl of soup?  I guarantee you it wouldn’t take the 40 minutes we waited before the “benefit of the doubt” ran out.  He gave the check with my cash to the second, nameless server, (a young brunette with the features of a featherless vulture), and she brought my change to the table.  She placed it at the far end of the table and mumbled something under her breath, then quickly walked away.  I literally had to stand up and reach across the table to get my change.

The cokes cost us $5.35.

Random facts:

  • We were the only Latinos in the place.  In fact, we were the only tanned folks there, period.
  • At least two other couples came into the place while we waited, received their drinks, their bowls of soup or salad, AND their main entrees BEFORE we received anything after our cokes.
  • Again, 40 minutes, no soup, no tuna on sourdough.  Really?
  • Again, the place was not even close to full capacity.

I know what I want to call it.  And you probably know what I want to call it by what was just written.  What would you call it?

Needless to say, Winnberies in any town will never receive my business again.

4 responses to “An “interesting” time at Winnberies.

  1. Yeah, I would call it that. I’m surprised they still charged you for the sodas! They should have been free. And was the coke made of gold at that price???? F-Winberries.


  2. “He gave the check with my cash to the second, nameless server, (a young brunette with the features of a featherless vulture)” LOL! You couldn’t have described her better! She didn’t even bring us bread! For 40 minutes all we had on our table was 2 sodas. And what she mumbled was a very inauthentic “thanks.” No explanation, no apology, no courtesy at all! Nunca mas!


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