April ’09

This is the mental image I’m trying to keep in my head, as I make my second, serious attempt to quit smoking.  Non-nicotine addicts, my wife included, can not fully understand my plight.  I even have a friend who swears he quit smoking, having never made a habit out of smoking REAL cigarettes in the first place.  In my book he’s a non-nicotine addict as well.

To offset the eventual increase in appetite and weight gain, I joined a gym a few weeks ago, and have started to work at getting back what I have lost.  I wish I had pictures of me around the age of 23 so you kids could see why I was nicknamed the “Puertorican Adonis with a cock of steel and a heart of gold”.  Alas, I don’t have many pictures from that time depicting that image.  But who knows?  Maybe someday again I’ll be as strong as her:

Thats a BIG bitch!

That's a BIG bitch!

I’ll keep you posted.

3 responses to “April ’09

  1. Seriously, all you can think is “Don’t smoke no matter what” and do this “Just for today, one day at a time” like any other drug addict does. Nicotine is a drug, a nasty and super-addictive one at that. You’re powerless over it when you are using it. So, when you quit, get a lot of gum, play a lot of video games, and DON’T SMOKE NO MATTER WHAT.

    Do this just for today. If a day is too long, do it 5 minutes at a time. Whatever you can handle. Each time you make it 5, move on to the next but focus on the now. Rinse and repeat. It’s easier said than done.

    I know it’s hard but you can DO EET!

    As for weight, I gained a bit when I quit. But I started commuting by bike and lost what I gained due to smoking. Gym should help, too and it will keep ya busy.

    -Clean from Narcotics/Drugs/Alcohol for 4.5 years
    -Clean from cigarettes for 3 years
    -One crazy lady, but was able to do it so knows you can!


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