A good week is hard to find. (many links)

Last week was probably the best music week I’ve had in over ten years, and it all started with a pint of Stella Artois.  Actually, it started literally a few hours before that pint.  There were two shows in Manhattan at two different locations, at two different times.  The different times made it possible to see both headliners, which were Winterkalte and Venetian Snares.  The locales weren’t far from each other, considering I decided to drive, and risked having to pay an arm and leg to park.

Fontanas is quickly becoming my favorite NYC bar.  I’ve been there a few a few times – twice to meet up with friends – and once for the Winterkalte show – and the ambiance, clientele and setting are superb for someone like meEdgey, Angina P, and Tonikom warmed us up for the night.   Before Dave (an old friend) showed up at the bar, I had a pint of Stella and waited for the festivities to begin, jittery with anticipation for Winterkalte, who I hadn’t seen since 2001 at the Pyramid.  Four or five pints, and a shot of Jameson, into the night, we headed downstairs for the aural assault, and the bombardment of percussion did not disappoint.  I gotta give Dave props for being a good sport, as this wasn’t his scene, but with a few pints in him, he seemed to be having a good time.  A few tracks into the Winterkalte set, we jumped ship and hauled ass to Le Poisson Rouge.

I was really looking forward to this lineup, mainly because of Otto Von Schirach and Venetian Snares.  Cyrusrex and NAHA opened up the headliners, and while I regret missing NAHA, I was happy to catch Cyrusrex, who has  played/recorded/produced with anyone who’s anyone in the scene.  Otto and Vsnares did not disappoint, as I workedup a sweat moving to the beats.  Nari took great pics, and Dave kept the brews coming.  Again, kudos to them for putting up with my weird shit.  (I doubt I’ll get them to join me for future stuff, but still I’m gonna try!)

That same night, at the first venue I met Dirk Ivens, who later in the week, special guest dj’d at my local haunt, and played so many gems, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  The acts I wasn’t familiar with were great, and the headliners did not fail to bring me joy, joy, joy!  I can’t wait for the next time I have such a great week again.

Here are some pics of what I experienced (courtesy of Nari):

1.  Venetian Snares
2.  D&Z
3.  Otto&Z
4.  Cyrusrex
5.  One of Otto Von Schirach’s dada clowns.


2 responses to “A good week is hard to find. (many links)

  1. I remember reading about these shows and none of them came to Pittsburgh. Needless to say I was disappointed to say the least. Especially because of the VS show. I need to move to Portland.


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