I Own The Night

Just the other night, in the middle of nowhere, I was suffering from sleep deprivation, daytime anxiety, and the continuous dip into the drink, when a friend turned to me and said, “You know, the night and a 9-millimeter are the great equalizers.  Nothing strips the a person down to the core like the night… Or a 9-milli pointed at their face.”

I laughed when he said this.  Not because I didn’t believe him, or believed him to be crazy.  I laughed because he had hit the nail on the head.  Personally, unless I’m doing very specific things during the daylight hours, I totally abhor the sun and everything it entails.  Basically, if I’m not at the beach or a water park, or playing an outdoor team sport, I don’t need the day.

The colors, the details, and the sounds do nothing but distract us.  Come the nightfall, the colors fade, the details blend into the darkness, and the distractions are subtracted from our surroundings.  At night, we’re left only with our illusions of safety behind closed doors, in groups of several people.  But that’s not all of us.  Some of us, like me, take this time to explore the inner regions of the human psyche, even if on the most minute levels.  I throw caution to the wind, explore, and enjoy all that the night has to offer.  And in my experience, there are no conversations or activities like those which occur after the sun has set.

Under the right circumstances, deals can be made at night which would never be possible during the day.  Two people can come together with one plan, and end up on another.  Several people can venture out, with only a few who return.  While the same can be said of conversations and activities during the day, it’s not of equal degree.  Not by far.

Everything is better at night:  a good meal, a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, a dry martini, a bucket of popcorn, a movie, and of course sex.  Why?  Because the night is the great equalizer.  Now I understand what another friend meant, when years ago, he said to me:

“Stay up at night
don’t sleep on your Moon
Rest during the day
’cause it’s sunlight!'”

-Ason Unique Allah (RIP)

He owned the night.


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