The first superficial signs of aging.

He danced, whereas last night, I didnt.

He danced, whereas last night, I didn't.


In the above photo, we see an elderly couple enjoying a dance.  I especially envy the old man.  Last night, I was supposed to meet up with a friend at a club.  The plan was to get bombed – something we did at least twice a week in our 20s.  I planned my whole week around it.  I set up a personal day and all.  I had only to work the day shift, and it went by without incident.  I stayed a little longer at work to have dinner with the guys.  We made homemade pizza as is our usual custom on Fridays, and again as usual, I ate like a pig.

After dinner, I headed home, took a nice long shower, shaved up, pulled out the clothes from my closet that I planned to puke on, and as it was still too early to go, I relaxed in front of the computer with a cigarette.  I called my buddy up to get an update on things, and he informed me he was making a stop at another haunt with his brother before meeting up with me.  He planned to be there for an hour.  I saw this as an opportunity to catch a quick catnap before getting dressed, so I laid out on the couch to watch “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry“.  After a pivotal scene in the movie, my eyes got heavy.

I then said to myself, “eh, I can set my alarm for an hour, and lay out on my bed”, so I did just that.  And that was my Friday night, and there went all of my planning, and a waste of a personal day.  I slept like a log the whole night.  I had a few weird dreams I can barely remember, and woke up to pay some bills. 

In my 20s this would be unheard of, but now it seems to be the regular, or at the least the beginning of what’s to become my “regular”. 

This is wack.


4 responses to “The first superficial signs of aging.

  1. nah i am doing the same thing. i used to live at q’s and was out partying averynight of the week. now i am lucky i get to the club or a bar at all……its just the cycle of life


  2. Totally agree. Used to be QXTs friday and saturday each and every week and partying till god knows when with lord knows how many girls. Now I’m happy to wake up without a headache and staying in bed all day. And even worse when I went to Q’s last saturday after a wedding i recognized all of 3 people besides the bartenders. Damnit all


  3. Janis, the cycle sucks.

    Danyo, I still go there on a regular basis, and feel the same way you did that night. I don’t know a soul, and I’m not interested in making new friends. Their stock doesn’t come close to what the crowd had back in our day!

    Nari, you’re an old woman before your time.


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