I’ve gotta see this through (through this).

A kiss I can see through.

A kiss I can see through.

It’s far too easy for me to become too personally involved in “things”.  It’s a mistake I’ve committed a hundred times over.  This time, however, I’m taking a slightly different stance.  Which is not to say I’m going about “it” in a cold manner.  That is not the case.  “It’s” just gotta be something I can see through so as not to repeat history.  And my story is shady at best.

I’m very happy with the way things are going at present, and I plan to stretch this feeling of contentment for as long as I can.  What else would you have me do?  What else is there? 

The code is the first book I ever read, purchased for me by my mother.  I didn’t invent the code, but it fits too well to fall under coincidence.  Besides, I don’t believe in coincidences.  I only believe in being vague this time around. (hehe)


2 responses to “I’ve gotta see this through (through this).

  1. Ah, coincidence… Lei por ahi que muchas ciencias, entre ellas las matematicas, estan tratando de probar que nada en este mundo, o en esta vida, es coincidencia; que todos los eventos estan predestinados a ocurrir como parte de un plan ya establecido para nosotros. Quen sabe…
    On another note, I invented the code, which may not be a coincidence ;)


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