Tomorrow, I head for winter.

Long story short, my extended summer in Tampa turned out really well.  Today is my last day here, and tomorrow, I head for winter.  My vacation started out a bit bumpy because I came down here with an uncle who had very different plans than my own.  After he left, my time was my own, and I used it wisely.

I have slept down here like I could have never up north, without a worry in the world.  I spent my mornings at the pool, tanning, and swimming a few laps to maintain some sort of physical routine.  I ate and ate and ate like a pig in heat.  I hit the beach one time, and that was good enough for me.

Most of the two weeks I’ve spent down here, I hung out with my mother, brother, and stepfather – the three sole reasons for me coming down here.  I helped my mom celebrate her 50th birthday, and had a blast.  I’m going to miss them terribly when I leave, as it won’t be a while until I can return.  But return I shall!

I totally understand why the elderly retire to states like Florida, Arizona, and California.  And as a representative of the prematurely elderly, I approve of this message.

Tomorrow, I head for winter, but it’s ok.  I’m ready.  I’m ready to go home, and I’m ready for the cold.  What’s helping me to be ready isn’t a “what” but a “whom”, and she is making my return a desired one.  So even though I’m returning to relatively cold weather, I highly doubt I’ll be freezing at all.  ;)


2 responses to “Tomorrow, I head for winter.

  1. “Prematurely elderly” huh? What the hell does that make me!?—I’m just thinking out loud…don’t you dare answer that question! :)


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