Quick notes on flight.

Quick notes:

9:15am flight.  Dignitaries flying out at same time.
Take off delayed by more than 30min.  Felt more like an hour.
Wanted to sleep throughout flight.  Quick nap while waiting to take off ruined that idea.
Forgot earphones in car.  Ipod is useless.  Refused to purchase plane headset.

Two hour, twenty-two min flight begins now.  Uncle warned me that we’re flying through the remnants of some hurricane.  Pilot says differently, but warns of turbulence. 

Horrid cabin seats, but I felt no envy passing through first-class seats;  they were just as cramped.   “Everybody Hates Chris” on the tube.  Uncle purchased a headset.  Plane is filled to capacity.  Horrid aisle seat.  Two females to my left.  Thankfully, they’re not chatting away incessantly.  Toddler behind us nearly had a panic attack while we waiting in line for take off.  The toddler kicked the back of the ladies’ chair next to me and they had to turn around a few times, give the toddler’s mom a look, prompting the mother to try to “fix” the brat.  Blanket over face, and a few muffled spanks later, the little girl is thankfully sleeping.  Male “stewardess” is rocking a failed emo haircut, and a bad shave. 

I’m waiting for Uncle to forget where he is and bust out laughing, much to the chagrin of the people seated within six rows of his immediate area.

I already miss certain things about home, and if this piece of shit 737 goes down, may it go quickly and painlessly.  Living is more than enough suffering.


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