To Be.

Just a verb.  It leaves most of us with more questions than answers, but tonight a friend taught me a lesson.  The lesson was buried deep within me already, but as human nature would have it, I forgot it.  The truth is hard to swallow, which is why I admire people when they force-feed it to me.  Of course, this force-feeding only applies to the truth, not your honest opinion.  Usually, the two are far from the same.

Now for a quick lesson in Spanish:  The translation of the verb “to be” are two words, “estar” and “ser”.  This is very important to know, as it applies to every emotion, and it applies to the purpose of this blog.  The purpose of this blog is to understand a correction of sorts on an earlier “twit” of mine.  I twitted, “I can be happy with someone or alone.  The problem lies with remaining happy for a satisfactory period of time.”

“Estar” and “ser” both mean “to be”.  The difference lies in the amount of time.  To say, “estoy feliz” is not the same as saying “soy feliz”.  “Feliz” means happy.  In the former, one is saying, “I’m happy (at present)”, whereas in the latter, one is implying, “I’m happy (indefinately)”, and well, that’s just not possible.  We grow hungry, tired;  we fall sick, injured.  So many other factors can change this very temporary state of being.  And this applies to just about every state of being. 

Happiness, sadness, surprise and boredom, amongst others are all temporary.  And yes, I know you are all aware of this already.  But if you are, as am I, then why do we complain?  The correction to my “twit” was that there is no problem.

To be, or not to be?  That is the question. 

The answer:  estar (to be at present), because ser (to be indefinately) only happens in fairy tales.


2 responses to “To Be.

  1. ur right its all temporary, but what does it take to make one happy?

    Persnally it doesnt take much 4 me, but i am different from u. I expect the good and the bad…to hope for a life of continuous joy without the blood sweat and tears isnt a fairy tale but a delusion. I believe there is a happily ever after, by my own definition tho. Happiness isnt something thats handed out…it takes conscious effort MOST of the time.

    to b or not to b…make ur choice.


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