Much has happened lately.

First and foremost I’d like to say it’s great being back.  My old laptop lived long past its estimated lifespan, and provided me with years of happiness.  When [he] died, a piece of me died with [him].  And because I wasn’t savvy enough to have an external hard drive like most of you smarties, I might’ve lost years of good stuff, but I’m in the process of recovering everything with the help of a friend.  Contrary to the recorded visits to my Myspace and Facebook pages, (working from friend’s comps and the one we have at work), I’ve been without a home PC for a month!  It has been hell having to navigate through the Matrix without jacking in.  But now I’m good.

I have a new girlfriend.  She’s beautiful, intelligent, and makes more mula than me.  Most importantly, she REALLY likes me!  I’m a happy boy.  All is gravy, as they say, and she’s introducing me to the offline world and all of its wonders.  As much as I missed jacking in, I can’t readily admit to saying it was “hell” without back-pedalling a bit.  Then again, the Architect might’ve sent her to distract me from breaking the Code.  Time will tell.

And finally, last night we had a hell of a fire in the city.  Two, three-story frames were up in flames, and I busted my ass along with my brothers to put it out.  While we were successful, I ended up with a “lower lumbar strain” and in the hospital.  It was pretty cool being rolled into the emergency room soaking wet, fatigued, hungry, dehydrated, and with a black face.  For a few minutes there, it seemed as if I were living in an episode of ER or something.  A few percocets, vicodins, and an x-ray later, (and a few hours),  I was sent home with orders to rest my back until I’m ready for service again.

As I laid down after being awake for 20 or so hours, doped up on percs, ready to dream a thousand dreams of white sandy beaches, my doorbell rang, and DHL handed me this wonderfully new machine.  The delivery person was an older African American lady with the most sincerest smile I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never met her, but from the intent look in her eyes, I could tell she knew me, perhaps better than I know myself.  On top of the box that the computer came in was a small paper bag.  I assumed it was related to the comp.  I was wrong.  Inside the bag were three chocolate chip cookies and a warped tablespoon.

The Architect should be pissed.


One response to “Much has happened lately.

  1. omg I am so happy for you! I also started seeing a great person…but who knows where that will go.
    I was worried when you posted something about leaving your job though…don’t scare me like that!


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