The Accountant v. Mr. McDonald

Here’s the scenario:  On one side of the spectrum, we have The Accountant who, for the sake of argument, earns a salary of $75,000 per year.  On the other side of the spectrum, we have Mr. McDonald, who earns $250 per week.

The Accountant is miserable at his job.  Numbers were never his first love.  Hell, numbers were never on the list of his life’s loves.  He chose the profession with the conscious decision of setting himself up for a relatively stable financial future.  It was out of sense of security.  To The Accountant, security is important.

Mr. McDonald shakes the oil off of your fries, and flips your burgers.  He stirs your shakes, he pours your soft drinks, and he smiles while handing you the change of your purchase.  Mr. McDonald loves his job.  For the sake of using a relative term, Mr. McDonald is “happy”.

The “miserable” Accountant gets five paid vacation weeks a year.  “Happy” Mr. McDonald gets one.

And now for some class participation.

The other night, I had a discussion that turned into a debate, which then turned into circus because I claimed that Mr. McDonald is living in a fantasy world, and that The Accountant is miserable perhaps out of a sense of ennui.  I was called materialistic, unsupportive of relative happiness, and in not so many words, full of shite.

This was my case: 

  • The Accountant, bored or “unhappy” with his profession, makes enough money to do whatever he wants to do with his life. 
  • If The Accountant is of the materialistic sort, he can collect until he no longer has the room to store his possessions. 
  • If Mr. McDonald is of the same sort, he cannot collect much on $250 per week. 
  • If The Accountant wishes to use his allotted five weeks of paid vacation in Cazumel, he can do so without a hitch. 
  • Mr. McDonald can probably afford a single ticket to Six Flags.
  • The Accountant can eat steak any night of the week if he so wishes.
  • Mr. McDonald can take home stale fries and rat burgers any night of the week if he so wishes.

Last but definately not least, let’s talk about women.  But before I do, may I please ask you kids not to lose your lunch in an overly PC fashion beforehand?  Thanks.  Just try to understand my friggin’ point.  And here it is:  For the average male, few “things” can compare to the happiness involved when dealing with the opposite sex.  For the sake of argument, let’s say that The Accountant is short, pale, chubby, and balding.  In this same scenario, Mr. McDonald is tall dark, and handsome, and hung like Dirk Diggler.  While The Accountant might have a more difficult time landing a sweet honey on the boardwalk, if he were to do so, (and everyone gets their chance), he would most definately have the means of “keeping” said woman, henceforth keeping himself in a state of happiness.  He has the means of starting a serious future with her.  For the most part, they can live anywhere, do anything, raise a family.  Mr. McDonald doesn’t have any trouble attracting the opposite sex.

Which of these two men have the potential for long term happiness?  Not loving your job, in my opinion, is a terribly common occurrance across the globe.  Not loving your job, where you might make $75,000 or more a year, is the sacrifice, (and I use the term loosely), you make in order to be able to afford your heart’s desire.  And I’m not talking solely about material items.  A good life costs a good amount of money present day, and those of you hippies out there can save your breath because:  One, I don’t believe in Hollywood-Happy Endings.  And two, I don’t wish to smell like you.  Life is about sacrifice and compromise. 

Mr. McDonald, making $250 per week is a very limited person.  He hasn’t the choice of where he’s going to live.  He hasn’t the choice of the kind of car he wishes to drive.  In fact, he’s most likely taking the bus.  He’s suave enough to attract a woman and charm her, but he can’t keep her.  Women cost money.  EVERYTHING costs money!

Share your thoughts.

5 responses to “The Accountant v. Mr. McDonald

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  2. I’m not sure if you can understand me, but thank you for linking my blog on yours, and thank you for your opinion on the matter.

    Needless to say, some of my female friends weren’t too happy about that one line.


  3. Hello

    Yes I can understand you. Portuguese are smart people and high % of them speak two or more languages.

    BTW, I didn’t express any opinion, it’s just a summary of your text.


    The post t The Accountant v. Mr. McDonald on blog mahathera is very interesting.

    Who is happiest? The manager who earns 75.000 per year or the man whos frie chips and earns 250 per week?

    Aparently, money isn’t everything in life and we can be unhappy even having money.

    But, in the last paragraph the world reality is shown.


    Text between lines is my post content (more or less)


  4. Oh, I don’t doubt your high intelligence. Finding my blog is proof enough of that. However, I didn’t wish to assume anything about a total stranger.

    The last line of your “summary” of my blog could be seen as an opinion as opposed to some sort of paraphrasing of my words. “But, in the last paragraph the world reality is shown.”

    The “world reality” shown is something that you and I may agree on, but I’ve spoken to many who vehemently disagree. Some were even slightly offended.


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