Naturally, my balls sag…

…but my pants do not!

On the rare occasion that I golf, I carry many extra balls in a plastic bag.  Naturally, my balls sag.  Same goes for when I carry softballs in a duffel bag, or my bowling ball in it’s proper bag.  Balls are known for causing its container to sag, depending on the strength and elasticity of said container.

saggin fool

saggin' fool

The Sag

But my pants never sag — not even when I was younger.  It was just never my thing, never my “bag”, so to speak.  I grew up in the inner-city in the 80’s.  Run DMC didn’t sag their jeans.  Contrary to this played out and seemingly perpetual style, early hip hoppers wore clothes that fit.  I haven’t done the research as to which man, (if one man is to be held responsible), or which group “invented” this style.  Nor have I done the research to discern why this style has become so popular and everlasting.  Frankly, I’m not that interested.

Why the blog?  Allow another fool’s pic:

another saggin fool

another saggin' fool

The Skinny Sag

On my off days, I hang out a few towns away from home.  It’s a nice area where I sit outside Cafe Eclectic in Montclair, NJ.  The strip the cafe is on is busy with a wide range of different kinds of people.  It’s a great spot for sitting outside, sipping coffee, and people-watching.  That’s what I do these days.  One aspect of this people-watching ruins the experience sometimes, mainly because I can’t wrap my head around it.  I can’t understand the skinny jeans sag.  I mean, isn’t it bad enough that the hip hop kids won’t let this go?  Isn’t it bad enough that hip hop ADULTS can’t seem to let go of this?

I won’t go so far as to say that I find this style offensive.  There are exceptions to every rule.  To place a ban on one would lead to bans on the other…”styles”.

pearl ass

pearl ass

…and I’m no hypocrite.


4 responses to “Naturally, my balls sag…

  1. The sagging trousers look actually came from the homosexual community and was introduced to the mainstream through prison culture. The gays were “flagging”, signifying that the butt was available (and this was it’s prison significance as well) but it became seen in the urban eye as tough (because that’s how people in prison wore their clothes), so it spread to a hip hop counter culture that thrived on the idea of being tougher than the next guy. Music is perpetually the domain of the young, and the imagery spread to other factions of youth culture.
    Remember that todays hip hop adults were probably born in the 80’s and missed people wearing their trousers up without showing their butts. I mean, someone who’s 25 has probably ALWAYS seen sagging as part of the hip hop/rap image.
    I’m actually blown away these days by seeing that same culture making suits, denim jackets and cardigan sweaters with polo shirts the norm for youth alternative dress. And yes, in most of those cases the pants are worn without showing the undies.

    I wonder how well these kids would take it to hear that wearing the saggy pants this way really means “I’M GAY, COME GET SOME!!!”?

    (just for the record, I came across your blog while searching for images of idiots sagging their skinny jeans because my eyes were assaulted today by this kind of ridiculous hipster style fiasco. Ultra-skinny guys sagging their skinny jeans?! Buy a fricking belt… PLEASE!)


  2. Well I’m young, but I find the whole sagging thing hot. If it’s done right. Like the skinny sag pic is hot, but the first one is not. It seems to me that every single guy I know has underwear showing.


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