A busy week.

Quick update:

On Sunday, I went on a blind date of sorts with my aunt’s coworker.  My aunt wants us to get married YESTERDAY.  For my birthday on Monday, a friend baked me an oreo cheesecake and took me out for lunch.  Later on that night, I hung out at the cafe with the regulars and chewed the shiz.  Even later, an old friend took me to a neighborhood bar for a few drinks.  All in all, my official birthday was low key and cool, just the way I like it.  On Tuesday, I rested, but only for a little while.  I ran errands, and hung out with the cafe people again until a late hour.  On Wednesday, I worked my normal 24hr shift, and promised to help a coworker move his stuff out of his house which he recently sold.  I didn’t get much sleep at work, and while the move was quick and easy, the reward wasn’t.  He took a bunch of us, other coworkers who helped him move, to a bar and fed us dozens of clams and beer.

Two dozen clams and several beers later, I headed home.  I was supposed to go to an award ceremony for a cousin, but was too beat to make it.  When I got home, the plan was to take a shower and sleep.  I took the shower, but just had to jump online.  When I next looked at the clock, it was hours later.  A friend had just im’d me about a movie, so we went to see it.  I HAVE to see it again.  (I’ll talk about the movie at another time.)

On Friday, I attended a work-related beach event, and because I had been down the shore on two previous occasions, I wrongly assumed my base tan would prevent me from burning.  Then I burned.  I didn’t notice because I drank as heavily as everyone else.  Again, I planned to hit the showers then the sack, and again, the sack didn’t catch my attention.  Instead, I went out with two friends to a Japanese steakhouse, drank too much wine, talked up a storm.  Afterwards, I hit the club, with more of the same on Saturday, after a day-long bbq at my cousin’s house, celebrating my birthday again, but this time with an uncle who’s birthday falls in the same week as my own.

It’s now Monday morning, 2:20am.  I’m about done (fingers crossed) with only a few hours left in my 24hr shift at work.

This week, I will rest.


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