July 4th, and 5th, 2008

I im’d a few friends online complaining about the fact that this had been the most boring 4th of July in the history of my life.  Tomorrow, that history would have reached 32 years.  *sadness*

It was raining on and off, and that turned my uncle off from going to Foley’s Field to watch fireworks in a neighboring town.  I didn’t mind because the weather did stink, and I was already bored into depression.  Later on that night, a friend called me up to hit the club.  I originally agreed to go, but later on called him back and decided not to go.  It was 11pm when I decided to hit the sack.  I had work early the next morning.  At around 11:30pm, my uncle calls me again.  Turns out his son, my cousin, was stabbed in the back during a street fight with other kids.

By midnight, I was at University Hospital in Newark, NJ, lending support to my uncle who was losing his mind in a fit of worry and rage.  My cousin turned out ok without major injury, and should recover fully in little time.  After the doctor had examined, cleaned, and stitched his wound, he had to stay in the hospital for an additional six hours.  Reason being, they weren’t sure how deep the puncture was, requiring him to stay the extra six hours in order to x-ray him again, just to make certain his lung wasn’t punctured.  It wasn’t.

By 4:30am, I was home with a headache, starving, and over-smoked, as my uncle and I had chainsmoked while we waited for the second set of x-rays.  With an hour and half of sleep, if that’s what you want to call it, I left my bed and got ready for work.  I had expected the 5th of July to be a very slow day.  I had expected, or assumed, I would have a day of rest, being that I didn’t get any the night before.  I expected and assumed incorrectly!  Newark thought it was on fire a few times, and She was right some of the time.  For the first time since January we had real work to do!  The fire occured in a furniture warehouse on the other side of town, and while it wasn’t a crazy one, it was smoky and hot enough inside there to give my already tired body a nice ass-kicking.

Drenched to the bone with sweat, soreness, and a dire need for sleep, we returned back to our station to rest.  Though rest didn’t come for another several hours, as there were occurrences that needed our attention.

I would like to thank the God(s) of Fire for allowing us, (at least in my own neck of the woods), to rest after the midnight hour.  The night passed without incident.

In the future, I will try my best to never complain about a slow day at home or at work ever again.


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