Honestly speaking…

Is honesty really the best policy? What if you were the bearer of bad news? What if when all emotions are said and done, someone can’t help but feel like you’re a total jerkoff/bitch for telling him/her your honest opinion? Is this bearer of bad news supposed to travel the globe alone like David Carradine’s “Caine”, forever perpetuating the “truth” as he sees it, regardless of interpersonal relationships?Kung Fu

Or is it the “right” thing to abstain from expressing an honest opinion for which you were asked? This is my present situation, but I already made the decision and expressed my opinion as of last night. Now I feel like the jerkoff. And I know all the obvious and rational conclusions to the questions posted above: “If they can’t handle the truth, that’s their problem, etc, etc…” However, very few of us live strictly within the confines of the obvious, the rational, the “truth”. When emotions are involved, where does one draw the line on honesty? Should one ever have to draw the line on honesty?

My greatest fault last night was my lack of tact, and even though I’m to blame for this lack, I do have a slight excuse to my credit; I was drunk as a skunk. There are plenty of ways of expressing the truth while still saving someone’s feelings, and last night, I couldn’t think of any when giving my take on the whole situation. It isn’t my place to state the situation, who or what was involved.  That’s besides the point.

For the 2.3 people who regularly read this here, my corner of the web, what would you do in my situation, if you had to be the bearer of bad news? What would you do if you knew telling the truth would make you the “bad guy”, when sparing someone’s feelings, and telling them a little white lie, would keep you in the “good guy” column?

If you are inclined to answer these questions, please try to give me some new insight into this predicament. Try to evenly measure out the rational with the emotional, as both are very much a part of many of our lives. Give me a balanced answer if you can, because as much a fan as I am of “Caine”, his life is not one I wish for myself.


2 responses to “Honestly speaking…

  1. First of all, you’re exaggerating the level of offense you think you gave that night.

    Second of all, honesty is the best policy isn’t a cliche for nothing.


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