The Tension Shows!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or if because I’m envious of my immediate family’s tranquil life in the southeast, but I’ve been recently noticing that tensions run high in the northeast — perpetually so. It doesn’t matter where I go. Everyone is on guard. Everyone is ready to fire back. Everyone is on edge.

At first I thought this tension was reserved only for my surroundings, my town. I live in a rough part of the city, and it’s easy to understand why most of the people around here are perpetually angry. Having never put in the time to better themselves, convinced that some invisible Man owes them something, they walk around in a perpetual funk. The “glory” of the MTV-inspired lifestyle is a nightmare, dressed as a dream, and year after year, teens are waking up one morning on the wrong side of 25, confused, under-educated, under-skilled, and depressed. And because no one was there to steer them in the right direction, the only path left to these people, (at least in their own minds), is to turn to fast-money schemes:  gangs, drugs, violence, incarceration, and death. That’s a hell of a path to CHOOSE!

However, lately, I’ve been paying extra attention to everywhere I go and anyone I’m around: different towns, people from different states, people from different countries, and even my family members, living the “tranquil life” in the southeast. In reality, nothing is different. Tensions are high. I’m not sure if it has always been this way, or if it’s only now that I’m beginning to notice.

Everywhere I go, whenever there are people around, and I happen to catch a piece of their conversations, someone is complaining about something. It’s almost always the same story EVERYWHERE. Person #2, (the one who isn’t ever present), did something to Person #1, (the storyteller), and Person #1 did or said something to shut down Person #2, in one form or another. Person #1 NEVER loses the argument, the debate, the deal at the store; Person #1 never puts up with “the bullshit”, “the nonsense”; Person #1 is never duped on a bad deal, or made out to be the bad guy. Person #1 never loses.

I’ve taken note of these people’s ages, their apparent backgrounds, their apparent levels of education — and in this regard, everyone is the same. Everyone is cheated, duped, shitted on, lacking in sense, and losing their arguments. I mean, if these People #1’s are so free from fault of any kind, or blame, why are they always complaining to someone else?

In other words,
The Tension Shows!


4 responses to “The Tension Shows!

  1. Exactly. With the military, I lived in many states within the union, and topography aside, everywhere was EVERYWHERE. I never lived on the west coast, so I asked a few friends from that side to see what they’re going to say.


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