The End of Productivity…but not really.

The end is here, my friends…or is it?

In parts 1 and 2 of The Productivity series I’ve made a case for the illusions we use to convince ourselves of anything but the only Truth concerning the human race. In short, Sex = Success.

In closing, I will touch upon certain factions of society which might be seen as exceptions to the rule. It’s taken me a few days to come up with this list, but quite honestly, I’m having trouble convincing myself that they’re really exceptions: (Keep in mind I’m not by any shape or form an expert on the following, and will only try to find purchase in the potential discussions proceeding.)

Homosexuality. As I understand it, one is born a homosexual, and homosexuality is nothing but a person of one sex feeling for someone of the same sex what heterosexual people feel for other people of the opposite sex. The “circumstance” of homosexuality raises the question of whether or not sex is still success even without the possibility of natural-born offspring? I believe being born homosexual does not guarantee that such a state of being is not some kind of chemical imbalance in the brain. A homosexual has all of the same sexual urges as a heterosexual, and for the “right” reasons, just in the “wrong” way. Offspring, or the manner of producing offspring, is the ultimate goal. Because a homosexual cannot achieve this goal by natural means, he or she has to take alternate courses of action. Namely, in vitro fertilization and or adoption. Both of which I see as a trick one would play on oneself, to convince oneself of achieving success.

Pedophilia. At first thought, there are three reasons for these horrible acts upon humanity. Firstly, a chemical imbalance in the brain which wires certain people (adults) to desire sexual relations with children – children who are physically immature and consequently cannot reproduce. Secondly, a faction of the victims of sexual abuse as children are known to repeat the process once they themselves reach adulthood. I don’t see this so much as a chemical imbalance in the brain as I do a serious disturbance of their emotions, and a distortion of what is right and what is wrong. Thirdly, priests, by way of spiritual castration. Sex will always win in this case, in one form or another. What we know about sexually repressed priests scares the shit out of me, because imagine how much we don’t know? And while on the topic of castration:

Guys who lost their nuts in Vietnam (or women who once suffered from endometriosis, victims of cancer, victims of sexual violence). In these cases, reproduction is out of the question. Yet, as is the case with the aforementioned priests, the urges never die. And when the urge is there, but the tools are not, more often than not, people will find another outlet. I won’t go into the list because I’m trying to make this brief. In short, most of the other outlets of sexual urges lead to negative activities. More often than not, violence is the chosen outlet. Sex is violent. When there is no more sex, as in the case with the guy who lost his nuts in Vietnam, the only thing left is violence. No sex = failure.

People who have been married for some time. It’s common knowledge that married people live mainly sexless lives. There are many theories out there as to why this occurs, here’s mine. Once a person is married and has children they raised to adulthood, the mission is over. The sex served its purpose, “so now what?” Marriage is the life after success. Marriage is post-success, so that the rest of one’s life is a failure. With today’s technology and the knowledge we have of our aging bodies and how to keep them in shape, marriage is not necessary. If anything, it’s an outdated institution and a boon upon humanity. It’s a means to an end, but far too soon. To reiterate, marriage is what happens when two people set out to achieve far too soon, and by means that will leave them with nothing but failure for far too long.

Abortion. This is perhaps the “touchiest” subject on the list, and rightly so. Abortion, as it pertains to this blog, is the act of attaining success, only to convert it into a failure. Nothing could make less sense. I know there are many factors which come into play when abortion is an option. And from a totally logical point of view, I can be convinced that there is no other option. Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience. Unbeknownst to my fellow participants, this success-converted-into-failure has left me in a perpetual state of emotional confusion. Why? Because I participated in my own downfall and went against the laws of nature. Yes, pain heals all wounds, but the scars remain. And the scars of failure are never forgotten.


3 responses to “The End of Productivity…but not really.

  1. I think what you are trying to say is that everything we do is ultimately inspired by the primal urge to procreate; and that’s fine, Darwin agrees with you. But human behavior is infinitely more complex than such a simplification, and much of what we do contradicts our natural instincts for the sake of culture. So even if you want to say sex is the underlying driving motivation, in practice we direct our energies at many activities that have nothing to do with it.

    You’re also on dangerous ground drawing a parallel with homosexuality and pedophilia by calling them both chemical imbalances. Just because a behavior isn’t the norm does not mean it is pathological — homosexuality was removed from the DSM a long time ago, with good reason. It causes no mental or emotional distress or disruption of life, unlike real mental disorders. If there is disruption, it is the kind that is visited upon the homosexual by bigots and homophobes, who by the way are empowered by language like this. So pick your words carefully.

    You also question the legitimacy of alternate forms of pregnancy, which is hogwash. Your preference for sperm delivered via copulation is pretty arbitrary and your romanticization of it has no relationship with the scientific reality, which is that both of these things lead to a healthy baby.

    And for God’s sake, don’t stigmatize adoption further than it already is. People who aren’t selfish and in love with themselves, who actually care about giving their love to a child (adopters) as opposed to people concerned with producing a piece of themselves (like the kid is their own personal accessory), should be commended, not undermined with implications that it is only “a partial success.” There are too many babies already. The more people willing to adopt them rather than fill up the planet with more of their own progeny should be given the highest applause.

    Finally, your assumption that childbearing is a goal felt in the heart’s of everyone is just not true. Some people feel this genuinely, other people just think they *ought* to feel this. We need a cultural shift that makes it ok not to have children at all. A, because people who don’t really want to have children but do so to appease cultural or familial pressures are more likely to be shitty parents, and B, because there are not enough resources to go around for all these new mouths. To that end, bring on the [safe, voluntary] abortion, adoption, and sterilization. MORE, not less.


  2. People who have been married for some time: as a qualifier in this area, I have to disagree. we’ve yet to achieve the “mainly sexless lives” part of marriage, even after 4 years of wedded, not so much, bliss. For us, and maybe we are an exemption to the exemption, this is one area where we’ve never had issues. And since we don’t have/want children, does that mean that we will forever be considered successful?


  3. Nari: Yes, we’re more complex than not, but how exactly are we “infinitely complex”? And yes, we do often contradict instinct and nature, especially with regards to our environment. But give me some examples of energies directed elsewhere. What knowledge do we acquire that isn’t eventually used towards having sex? I don’t believe there are any. I believe what we do is create standards towards finding someone of “equal” caliber. For example, a person with a high affinity for “good” indie rock never having sex with a person who still listens to Warrant. The example is silly and very much simplified, but it serves its purpose.

    I’m no homophobe. I’m not against gay marriage. I have many homosexual friends. The passage on homosexuals comes from my lack of understanding, and yes I know it’s not for me or anyone to understand. I see it like this, we are all but pieces to one puzzle. The big picture is discovered only after we “connect the dots”. Our physical differences yearn for connection. The blade and the chalice. In this post, I was speaking from a point of view where the blade and the blade, or the chalice and the chalice don’t “fit”. Perhaps the wording was homophobic, but definately not the author. The use of the words “chemical imbalance” was an easy out, as I don’t know how else to explain it, again, not that it’s my place to understand or explain.

    With adoption, again, I’m guilty of perhaps choosing the wrong words. And while I’ll admit that the wording was harsh, as it pertains to the point of this series, there was no other way of writing it out. I’m all for adoption and alternate forms of bearing offspring. But I do believe, like homosexuality, it’s not the norm. And it is only in this case, and this case alone, do I believe in the norm and the natural. Alternate forms of having a child are nothing but a product of our advanced minds. I use the term “advanced” loosely. The end is achieved through artificial means. The NATURAL means are why we are here.

    I won’t get into your theory of people being full of themselves as the reason for having children of their own by natural means. We’ve discussed this before. All I’ll say is, the negative attributes you gave to a certain faction of the childbearing population are the result of people going against nature and instinct as you have already stated. It’s isn’t natural to have a child to keep as an ever-growing accessory. The idea of such I find disgusting and immoral, and is only possible because we go against our natures for the sake of “culture”. But the drive to have this child by means of sexual intercourse, THAT is what drives us, period.

    Your last paragraph ignores a statement I made on this issue. Please refer to the fourth paragraph of the second installment in the series.

    Contrary to what you might believe after my posts, we agree more than you think on some of these issues.


    Rosa: I would ask you to refer to the same paragraph I suggested to Nari. Not consciously wanting to have children has nothing to do with the drive to procreate. You only enjoy your husband, and vice versa, under the pretense that it’s for the sake of sexual pleasure and love. My series is about the drive, and how everything we do is to improve our chances at success, improving the chances of our drive’s completion by the way of procreation.

    Thank you both for taking the time to read and respond.


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