Power and Weakness

I find pleasure, and a definite sense of power from the following:

My introverted nature and intuition provide me with the liberty of not ever having the need of another being’s approval.  I’m very comfortable in my own skin.  I’ve met thousands of people who cannot honestly say the same.  If there is a Hell, it is other people.

Upon meeting most people, I can see the worst in them.  After that, there is very little else I wish to know.

The counterbalance to my “power” is the “weakness” of Feeling.  However unsuccessful I may be, I’m working on it.

On the flipside of this coin of mine, in spite of the feelings I have for other people, I have always felt it my responsibility to protect them.  Every job I’ve had in my life, (minus two jobs), have been in the fields of protecting people.

My current job, where I plan to stay until the end of my days, dictates that I should give my life in return for another person’s life at any time.  I don’t mind this fact, and don’t have a problem with it.  In the event that my time has come, the people most important to me will be well off.

I enjoy participating and deriving “power” from local political upheavals in the forms of office politics, union dealings, and “revolutions” within associations where I’m all too willing to help to convince people to join my cause.  It is never for me to gain the upper hand, or a position of power, as it is for the very people I wish to convince.

Regardless of my “sins”, I believe I have lived a life worthy of displaying as an example to the younger members of my family who look up to me.  Before learning about MBTI, I have always felt the same way.

It is only now that I have an acronym comprised of “dichotomies” to better explain the “power” of my personality.

I am INFJ.


2 responses to “Power and Weakness

  1. Have you seen There Will Be Blood? The quote about not finding much to alike in other people is almost verbatim from that movie. Not that you’re a psychotic bowler.


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