No sleep.

I haven’t been able to sleep well in weeks.  I have no reason worthy of note.  I’ve already posted about the things that run wildly through my mind.  There’s no need to post them again.  There’s no need to make this post, but here I am, closing in on my 48th hour, wondering why I’m not sleepy.  I don’t do drugs, I’m not drinking heavily, and the only medication I’m on is for my high cholesterol.

I haven’t really had any recent drama with the womenfolk.  Such is not the norm.  However, I do appreciate the balance as of late, and plan to keep it that way.  All the blabber aside, I still can’t sleep.  I have to truck on until my body gives up, then I collapse. 

I can’t yet tell if it’s having a negative effect on me.  My mind isn’t cluttered (at least not anymore than usual) and my body doesn’t ache.  When it’s time to collapse, I’m gone.  My phone doesn’t ring (even if it does), the music won’t wake me (no matter how loud and obnoxious), and the television becomes a part of my dreams (whether it’s on or off).

My lack of sleep hasn’t really affected my moods.  I’m moody as **** anyway.  Ask anyone, they know.  I laugh when it’s funny.  I cry when it’s sad.  I do everything you do.  I’m sure I do.  I’m sure you know.

There’s something going on in my head that I can’t wrap my…um, head around.

I’m just having trouble finding the answers to questions I have yet to properly formulate.


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