Freedom/Give and Take/Real v. Fake/ Controversy and Advice (in short, BLABBER)

This should be taken as counsel on both sides of the bed, including persons on the same side of the XX/XY chromosome chain – on the same bed.  This blabber came to me as I read a dead man’s definition of freedom, equality, power, consciousness, command and action, command v. action, and love.  The passages I have read, left me in a state closely resembling the realm of Delerium, an occasional companion.  In recent years, I have been most studious (Wild Stallion) in my attempt to find The Truth behind these most celebrated (Wild Stallion) terms. 

Dead men’s literature, dead men’s science, and dead men’s theology, have all left me where I started.  I am no closer to this new kind of truth now than when I felt it my duty to take on this arduous task.  So now I have to blab, or my brain with explode.

Oh, by the by, if you people have a problem with digression, with my “scatter-brain” as Palina is wont to call it, you’re no friend of Holden Caulfield and no friend of mine:  Skip the rest.

The key to relationships of any kind between any people is this, my old, tried and true motto:  Give nothing.  In giving nothing, one should expect nothing in return.  There are no absolutes, I know, but this is the gist of it.  In giving little, (I’ll bend enough to make it a “little” as opposed to “nothing”), one creates and maintains the greatest “thing” of all:  Want.  Desire is what we desire.  Desire fuels what we most cherish:  Dreams.  Dreams keep us going as individuals, as a society, as a nation, as Mankind.

I’ll break it down further.  Boy meets Girl.  Boy likes the way Girl smells.  Girl likes the way Boy’s biceps bulge in his Radiohead t-shirt.  Boy and Girl decide to couple.  In the beginning, Boy does everything Girl wants in order to achieve the greatest reward, what makes the Girl a girl!  Girl holds off, up until she feels justification.  So now Boy and Girl have reached a peak.  Boy loses his romantic touch, and Girl expects more.  Girl has a list of things she “needs” in order to continue the justification for reward.  Boy meets the list of “commands”, because in reality he knows that Girl has the “power”.  Girl knew this from the start.  Boy meets the demands without question, and in doing so, gives up his “freedom”.  Reaching her mental state of justification for further reward, Girl grows bored, and creates a new list.  Boy, again meets these demands, further eroding anything resembling “equality”.  Girl grows bored, and creates reasons for the end of their coupling.  Boy is gone, doesn’t know why, and only cares about finding another Girl that smells nice.  It’s all about the reward for Boy.  Girl worries less as she knows another Boy is around the corner.  Besides, the Dresden Dolls are cooler than Radiohead now.

The above scenario could have been avoided had Boy never met any demand.  Had Boy retained his complete “consciousness”, and given little, Girl would have never grown bored in the first place.  Had Girl never made a list, never needing justification for reward, rendering “reward” nonexistent, both Boy and Girl could have possibly taken their coupling to a much greater level – a level quite unknown today between us Boys and Girls.

Give little, if anything, retain your sense of self, and share yourselves on the most intimate level of all – mentally – and everything else will follow course.  Let us not create scenarios of expectation and justification.  Let us destroy Herseys and Hallmark together.  Let us together end African slavery and render diamonds and gold without value.  Let us, Let Us, LET US!  It is all within our grasp.

Of course, if this seems too much for you all to join me in, I can uh…do as the Romans do, when in Rome.  In other words, I like the way you smell.

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