I have a lot of stuff on my mind lately, and at present, it’s interfering with my sleep.  From time to time, this is what happens:  I lay down for the night, and I cut off the tv only when my eyes begin to get heavy, which is usually around 2 or 3 am.  Slowly but surely, I begin to fall asleep.  Then I’ll make the slightest of movements, the slightest of changes in position, and it would seem the movement triggers massive brain activity.  Immediately, I start thinking about current events of all kinds, mainly my own.

I’ll think about the different aspects of my life, and what might occur in each aspect according to how they presently stand. 

  • Finances are on my mind often.  Assuming I stay alive and healthy, I’m looking forward to Easy Street, compared to past jobs and decisions.  Currently, I’m in a hole, and I don’t have to be here;  it’s all my fault.
  • In matters of the heart, things have been terribly shaky.  I am at a point in my life where I’m ready for “things” women wanted from me in the past, when I was far too young to seriously contemplate the potential greatness.  Lately, it seems that we, (myself and women), have entered The Twilight Zone, where the episode is about role-reversal.  And I would understand this if I were guilty of always dating the same kind of woman.  (I’ve refered to this in blogs on other sites as “Clone Dating”.  So many people are guilty of this!  I am not!)
  • Then there’s the political landscape.  The results of the many (disjointed) primary “victories” for various Dumbos and Donkeys leave us, this country, with one of the most interesting campaign races in recent history, not counting the stolen election of ’00, or the nonsense of ’04.  There’s a black guy with little political experience compared to his counterparts on both sides of the political spectrum.  There’s a woman trying to lead this country into the same old shit under a two-family, American dynasty.  There’s an adulterous, cross-dressing “supercop”.  There’s a Mormon who takes the stories in the bible as 100% fact.  There’s a former ambulance-chasing lawyer-turned-senator, who always points with the tip of this thumb when trying to make a point.  There’s a Vietnam vet with close to 30 years in Washington, promising to give us, this country, something “new”.  Interesting indeed.

 A few hours before the sun rises, when I try my best to catch some measure of REM sleep, my brain scatters and shatters like the broken mirror that is a Malkavian’s mind.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but lately, it’s happening.

Thanks for reading my latest post, Day by Day Drama.


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