A Brother and Sister Speak.

The Sister: I could last a bit in a relationship just for his being from South Africa
The Sister: but, eventually, his christianity would turn me off
The Sister: lawl
The Brother: I’m in the same boat with a certain someone.  We’re relatively new friends, but she’s been dropping hints here and there.  Absolutely gorgeous, but she’s a Born Again Christian who wants someone to go with her to church.
The Brother: I feel torn.
The Sister: HAHAHA
The Brother: I actually went with her one time, and it was ok, but far too long, and far too radically emotional.
The Sister: TO CHURCH
The Brother: Yeah, it was terrible.
The Sister: haha
The Sister: church sucks
The Sister: (no offense, god)
The Brother: It was after that, that I had backed off and pursued my **** ******’s ******.
The Brother: “(no offense god)” :))
The Brother: But then that all turned to shit, because she’s dumb as fuck.
The Brother: I hate it when a woman talks all this game, but when push comes to shove, they flake off.
The Brother: Oh, but that’s the thing.  They weren’t sexual pursuits.
The Brother: I’m too old for that now.
The Brother: The sex just happens because we’re old enough to do it, but it’s not a present priority for me.
The Brother: The problem is, I want to settle down, and she doesn’t, which I think is kind of dumb.
The Brother: I make good money, I lift weights, and I’m very polite with the parental units.  What more can a girl want?
The Sister: Um
The Brother: Good answer/question.  Which leads me to a point that I feel is imperative:
The Brother: Why cook for me many times?  Why invite me into your home with your child around?  Why invite me into your bed on more than one occasion?  Why all of these things if there is no chemistry between us?
The Brother: I’m not that hot to fuck for fun.
The Brother: …however fun I may be.
The Sister: lawl
The Brother: I just kind of wish it never came to pass the way it did.  She could’ve had anyone for that.  Why call upon the attention of your *******’s **** ******, you know?
The Brother: We don’t talk on the phone anymore, and she doesn’t answer my texts as to what would be the best course for me to take.
The Brother: I’m very open with women lately.
The Brother: I try my best to make everything as easy as possible, and I assure them that I take full responsibility for my emotions.
The Brother: YOU’RE the ones that are flaking on me.
The Sister: yeah, women suck
The Sister: I know
The Brother: Can I blog this?
The Brother: I’ll omit your story.
The Sister: Um
The Sister: Edit it how you like and let me read it and I’ll give you an answer to your question
The Brother: ok


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