Pure Stupidity.

On my way to work this morning, I was forced to take an alternate route.  A major intersection, which I always pass through was closed off by the police.  When I got to work, I asked the guys here if they had heard anything about what might’ve occurred at this intersection.  No one knew a thing.  Two hours ago from now (9:10pm), I found out there was a shooting, and someone died.

Just now, a buddy of mine calls me and tells me that the two guys that were shot, were my friends.  They’re bouncers at a club I’ve been going to for over a decade.  And while I’m not a fan of bouncers in general, these two guys were aces.  They were genuine nice guys who didn’t let their jobs get to their heads.

Apparently, they worked another bar last night, and had to usher out some guys who wouldn’t adhere to the strict dress code.  After the night was over, the suspects followed the bouncers to a diner on that major intersection.  An altercation occurred, a gun came out, and two nice guys were shot down.  One died.  And for what?  For nothing.  Pure stupidity.

Tomorrow, after pulling my 24hr shift, I’m going to the hospital to visit the survivor, and later this week, I’ll be greeting the new year with a funeral. 

Pure stupidity.


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