Any man.

I’m any man. 

I’m just constantly trying to tune myself to fit the mold of the kind of man I should be.

I was garbage in my 20’s, and like a dick I wore it like a badge of honor.  And that’s many of us.

It’s all about making the decision, consciously, to grow the fuck up.

I want Her to see that.  She’s been wronged by Garbagemen in the past, and while She’s not entirely bitter, She’s teetering on the edge.  I want Her to trust me.  I need Her to trust me.  She might be The One.

I’m any man, but I’m Her’s to do with as She pleases.

For this man, there is no other path.

3 responses to “Any man.

  1. *man you want to be.

    I don’t know what to say.

    I saw a hot guy with a mohawk at work today and when he came to my register to check out, I saw that he was female.



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