Thankstaking Day.

Today was a good day.  I’m thankful for all the food I took over at my uncle’s house.  I was invited earlier this week, and for that I’m very thankful, as I had nowhere else to go.  My immediate family lives many states away, and I don’t have the vacation time at present to fly there whenever I wish.  I wish to fly there often.

There were many people over my uncle’s house, and the food I took served as my main focus.  I’m not too comfortable around tertiary people.  I took comfort in the food I took, and none from the two women at dinner who I caught looking at me with hungry eyes – eyes with hunger for a whole other kind of dark, turkey meat.  (My meat ain’t white.)  I took comfort from my uncle’s hospitality, my aunt’s graciousness, and my two cousin’s familiarity.  I took no comfort in watching the Jets get annihilated by the Cowboys.  Nor did I take any comfort from the percocet hangover I’ve been dealing with all day.  (My back has been killing for the past two days.)

I took comfort when another uncle and cousin stopped by, and I took comfort when my step-brother and his wife arrived.  They’re not tertiary people. 

I’m thankful for having a career I love.  I’m thankful for a new friend I have.  I’m thankful for fairly good health, and the good health of my family.  I’m thankful for my friends.

I’m thankful for the food I took home.


One response to “Thankstaking Day.

  1. aww what did u take? did u make it?

    Nov 22, 07 i was thankful for my first nephew…born healthy at 555am…he was the best thing on the menu that day :) today he’s 10 months…boy does time fly when ur having fun…allegedly. lol


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