An interesting observation!

an excerpt from ikye’s profile:

“Similar or opposite, hard or soft bodied ladies, have a penchant for floral and citrus scents applied tastefully. Someone I can hold and touch in the morning, preferably a Super HOT Geekster or an exMarine sporting glasses, a mini skirt and tall MC’s . . Ouch!znt: I don’t fit the criteria. I’m curious as to why the request?

ikye: the znt-man hit it right on the money! a clear, honest and detached observation regarding the possible criteria for this site. 

funny thing though, i haven’t got any and quite frankly, never considered one! 

i’m still not sure at this point (perhaps in a different universe) if art has an inherent ethnicity, sexual preference or color. if you asked me that question an hour ago, i’d consider you certifiable and culturally redneck handicapped.

in the begining (sounds biblical) the majority of friends were rap and hip hop artists. couldn’t get rid of em’ if i wanted to and believe me, i did not.

i love rap n’ hip hop. but these guy’s were falling out of the sky, climbing thru the bathroom window and sniffin’ in my hamper. love letters, indecent proposals, hook ups – 3 way’s, a virtual smorgasbord of unearthly heterodelights.

They were clearly the real men, gun totin’ gangsta wannabe’s from da ghetto…ouch!  

quick recap: been here about 3+ weeks, the friends on this site are a diverse mix of musicans and artists, folks in the adult entertainment industry and various men and women looking for a tad of web visibility, easy stuff . . . 

in the past few days, the shit totally blew up! my friends list has practically tripled. the new majority of faces are those of women. beautiful women, diverse in color, background and profession.

amazing photographs: color, b+w prints, animations, arty-blurr, textured, layered and grainy, transitional moments captured in time.

in response to the zman’s query about criteria, i looked at each page carefully and started counting heads when something quite unusual came to my attention. where have all da’ boyz gone and where are my little gun totin’ flowers of misogyny!  

looked behind my monitor, under the table and in the closet. zippo ~ zilch ~ kaput!! i was truly amazed by this barron landscape.

kept asking myself, “where are those tough guy’s”. especially the charming few who offered to pay for a piece of my ass, a few hours of my time, wanted to cuddle up with my spiked lil’ kitty. 

apparently, they couldn’t stand the competition with the new lovelies (male and female) assembled for your viewing pleasure.

clarification:genus and subspecies:   there exists a healthy balance of both men and women, musicans, straight and gay folk, assorted artists, blood sucking parasites, k9’s, felines, an orangutan, metal heads, peruvian lhamas and photographers.

film directors, shaman, witch doctors, posers, cannibals, losers, vegans, vampires, cowpunchers n’ bovine ladies.

unisex toilets, makeup artisans, exterrestrial dragmeisters, scumbags, bootleggers, fecal congreations, movie starlets, the occassional limp proboscis, a pimp’s living torso.

casting couches and agents, reading materials, sexual aids, one eyed anacondas. torn fishnet stockings, chicks who’ll kick yer’ butt, butts spewing hazardous materials, life threatening butt, merciless and relentless butt, an emt sphincter, butt on your face, fist in a butt, wholesale crisco shortening.

it is not my ambition to sort out the numbers or classify people n’ critters by their individual preferences. some are vegetarian others vegan and who really gives a shit to begin with.

these current folk have great quality photos, decades beyond the former fleeting hordes. they dress to the 9’s, use professional makeup artisans and don’t carry a 380 banga’ in the small of their backs.

what the ethnofriggin’ twizbag slurpy is up with you guys!

there are men on this site, many of whom are from your original crew. now that’s a real man! 

an individual who is not caught up in irrational classism and phobia or judging the quality of a persons humanity, based on the photo next to him fearing contamination from alien epithelium  . . . 

which by the way, is a really godawful sick, punkass homophobic state of mind and a pathic attempt at human compassion   

 in conclusion . . . . . suck my dick! . . . ciao  

to be continued shortly . . .  “

–courtesy of Ethene
PS. znt/zman is me on another site.

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