It’s all so clear to me now, and I think it’s funny that it took a Kurt Vonnegut essay to make it so.  I know what my problem is — I’m done with people.  I’m tired to death of them.  I’m tired of trying to understand what motivates people to do whatever it is they  so choose.  My only form of respite lies within these two mediums:  music and the internet.

Music expresses that which the soul cannot with words.  I’ve forgotten who said that, and honestly don’t really care.  The explanation is enough for me.  And for those of you who are not yet aware, the new Radiohead is phenomenal.  Go get it!

The internet is my home, and has been since the mid 90’s.  I see it as a medium without fault!  Sure, there are those of us still stuck in the adolescent stages of this cyberworld.  Those of us who swim in porn, trolling, and Myspace (hehe), but on the flipside of that coin, there lies The not so Silent Majority:  the bloggers, the journalists, the musicians, the armchair psychiatrists, psychologists, and philosophers.  Communication is key for me, and I’ve enjoyed this medium just for that.  The ability to speak with people across the globe about the most mundane, or the craziest topics, holds a special place in my heart to the point where I pity those who came before this age of ours.  And still, the medium is growing.

From pics of Britney Spears’ snatch, to footage of action in Iraq (from the very soldiers fighting the war), all of it is at our fingertips to browse, to contemplate over, to pick a side — or not.  And friendships!  Some of my oldest friends I’ve met on the internet, and for quite a few, I’ve only ever known them online.  There are exceptions;  I have met many people in RL after meeting online, and because this medium works as a buffer to exclude the jerkoffs of the world, I’ve maintained these friendships with these people for years….and still counting.  Ask toodarkmark

…he’ll tell ya.

It’s the jerkoffs in RL, who feel this constant need to prove themselves to be superior to everyone else, that drive me to the point of homicidal fantasies.  And while that’s not the best way to put this down, it’s closer to the truth than not.

 In closing, contribute to this here humble attempt at a blog, and join my Mental Circle of friends and acquaintances.  All with half a mind are welcome!


4 responses to “People.

  1. I remember a not-so-long-ago time when I was able to relish my daily typing frenzies with almost NO regard for the RL (that DOES mean “Real Life,” right? I’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed lol).

    Actually, there are still moments when I think of it as an RP (“Real Pest”) and the irony of curling up on a futon in my darkened apartment with my little Macbook keying away under a screen that slowly robs me of my eagle-eyes still gives me a sense of freedom like nothing else.

    You must be at least moderately surprised that I am leaving a comment despite having invited me to this cool new virtual world weeks ago. Having given only a meager slice of my time to the internet, I feel that I owe an apology. In an act of friendship and love for communication, you have given me an opportunity to once again constructively channel my loquacity to something less audible and more thoughtful and I have not taken full advantage.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m still around. I’ve still got a thing or two to say. =)


  2. welcome to the “I hate people, but I love books” club, founded by me in 1994 after discovering the amazing world behind IRC. For socially ackward people like me, the World Wide Web opened a brand new realm of possibilities. In the meantime, most people in RL can kiss my ass and leave me the hell alone…



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