Never Marry


Never, never marry, my dear fellows;  that’s my advice to you;  don’t marry till you have faced the fact that you have done all you’re capable of doing, and till you cease to love the woman you have chosen, till you see her plainly, or else you will make a cruel mistake that can never be set right.  Marry when you’re old and good for nothing…

Or else everything good and lofty in you will be done for.  It will all be frittered away over trifles.  Yes, yes, yes!  Don’t look at me with such surprise.  If you expect anything of yourself in the future you will feel at every step that for you all is over, all is closed up except the drawing room, where you will stand on the same level with the court lackey and the idiot…And why!


3 responses to “Never Marry

  1. Marriage is the most draining thing financially and emotionally you can do. But it can also be the most rewarding if it fits with your personal goals. I wanted to have a companion for life. I wanted to raise children. Marriage was the best investment I have made to gain those two prizes.


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