Hallucinogenic Amphetamine Odada

I’m not 22 years old anymore.  This haze I’ve been in for the past two days is not something I’ve been enjoying.  The place where my wisdom tooth was does not hurt.  What hurts is my jaw, that the sadist fuck of a dentist stretched beyond its means, like what the new King Kong did to that one t rex. 

So, in the meantime, I’m eating ramen noodles and oatmeal, as I can’t open my mouth wide enough for much else, and last night, when I suffered through a TGIF, Jack Daniel’s Sampler, in the hopes of getting some meat into my system, it wrecked my stomach, and only left me with more pain.  Long story short, kids, don’t do drugs.


2 responses to “Hallucinogenic Amphetamine Odada

  1. I think the rule is, if they hurt, they gotta go. Or, if they start to shift your “regular” teeth, they gotta go. Mine was hurting pretty bad. Now I’m fine.


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