The Nice Smile

I feel as if I’ve been awake since the Gettysburg Address.  Why?  See above pic.  I have a bad wisdom tooth.  Actually, “bad” doesn’t begin to cover the pain I feel, the pain I’ve been feeling, and trying to deal with, since 1:30am last night.  I’ve heard about this pain before.  And let me tell you, it’s one thing to hear about it, quite another to have to go through it.  It’s indescribable.  Laying down for the night with the ladyfriend after watching Sean Penn’s “Bad Boys”, I felt quite content with my evening.  Then the insanity started.  INSANITY.  I couldn’t lay down.  When I did it amplified the pain, and there was nothing I could do to alleviate ze pain.  So after trying to ignore the pain, because I had to work today, I decided to go the hospital and have this wolf tooth of mine extracted.  Because of the blinding, searing pain, I went to the wrong hospital — the one without an in-house dentist at 2:00am.  Nevertheless, I was prescribed oxydodone (wheee!) for pain and intoxication,  and amoxicillin, just in case I have an infection, which I’m sure I don’t. *kiss*

Now, I’m off to my dentist.  Wish me luck!

It took longer to sign the paperwork than it did to extract an infected wisdom tooth, that looks like it came out of Clancy Brown’s mouth from the first Highlander movie.  The boy’s gonna live!


7 responses to “Wisdom

  1. I just got my lower, right wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. I have never cried like that in my life LMAO! Well, on the bright side my mother in law made me a chocolate shake :P


  2. Mine is killing me right now!!! I had this pain a couple of years ago and now it’s back and back with a vengeance!!! I really need to get it extracted. I was told it’s a bony impacted one. I only have 3 wisdom teeth and only one is impacted and it’s hurting big time. Glad to hear you got yours out!


  3. I jsut got 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday…it went SO well! I didn’t feel a thing! Even the freezing process was painless! It took no more then 5 minutes to remove EACH top tooth, then no more then 10-15 mins per bottom teeth.

    There was a lot of bleeding..but I just stuck some gauze in there and all better. It stopped bleeding later that night and I only had to take 2 painkillers…and I haven’t had to take any since last nigh. I mean…there is NOO pain at all! It’s weird…no more bleeding and my jaw isn’t even sore…honestly I feel better now then I did when I went in!


  4. My dentist just told me today to schedule an appointment with the oral surgeon to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled, and ALL FRIGGIN FOUR are impacted.. Yippee, I’m so excited! Not!!!


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