My days off?

I haven’t had a day off since the third or fourth week of August.  I school Monday through Thursday and I work Friday through Sunday. 

Lazy days off are becoming a distant memory, but I do recall sleeping in, spending way too much time online and watching films/listening to music. 

I don’t miss them too much.  I find I prefer keeping busy on a daily basis.  It leaves much less time to brood and be sullen as I used to be quite regularly. 

Today marks a week that I haven’t smoked a cigarette.  I still get antsy when I think of smoking.  I still want to reach for my pack and pull one out, light it and inhale, but I don’t.

I’ve also spent today sober.  As day turns to night, the urge to drink surges and I find myself anxious and bored.  I’ve spent the last week or two intoxicated and it’s really wearing on my body.  It hasn’t allowed me to reap much of the benefits of quitting smoking.

I guess I’ll just have to write.

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