Days off, Days wasted

Saturday was my last day of work this past week, and I’m bored out of my mind these days off.  I return on Wednesday.  So I’m sitting here watching “Maria Full of Grace”, smoking Newports, barely chatting with jenkapotente, and wishing I was learning how to play the piano at 8:56pm EST.  I’m also wishing I went for a run today, as my body is in dire need of movement!  I can feel the fat clogging my arteries.  *sigh*

Things I’d rather be doing (or should be doing) on my days off:

  • Learning how to play the piano.
  • Studying CSS.
  • Catching up on my books, of which I have a few I need to start, a few I need to finish.
  • Studying classic jazz albums.

Instead, this week, (my worst week ever), I’ve been waking up late, veggin’ out like no tomorrow, watching movies at home until the sun sets, when I head on out to my cousin’s cafe, where I eat some more, smoke some more, then head on back home to more movies.  Naturally, I’m disgusted with myself, and growing rather restless.  Normally, I’d be at my second job this week, but there weren’t any hours to spare, so … here I am.


2 responses to “Days off, Days wasted

  1. You know, we as humans have to do what we were put here to do, and that’s Vegging out.
    What other animal out there make such strict schedules?
    Don’t feel bad for doing what you were put here to do!


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