The Konami Code

I don’t know about you all. I’m not even 100% sure you exist, as you don’t live in my “city”. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure you don’t exist at all, for it seems to me so few of you live by any code. And if you don’t live by any code, what good are you to me — a person constantly in search of someone with a set of codes compatible with my own?

Here is a short list of some of the codes I live by:
1. I don’t speak. Speaking is pointless. No matter how long you know someone, speaking is only a set of perpetual preliminaries designed to confirm the possibility of continued friendship, love, and work.

2. I don’t impose my will upon others. It’s pointless to do so. No one will ever truly understand anyone. It’s a lonely world. But that’s ok. I shaved my head, and I’m not sad.

3. Courtesy and kindness towards others, imaginary or not, is paramount. To “kill them with kindness” is golden advice. I’ve committed a myriad of “murders” with the sweetest of smiles upon my lips, and have lived to tell!

But I won’t.

My favorite code is: up, up; down, down; left-right, left-right; ‘b’,’a’, START!

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