Genres of Music/People

There are as many genres of music as there are people, and I try to listen to as many different styles as possible.  Studying different genres of music has been my longest running hobby / OBSESSION to date.  I’m as open to people as I am to music.  Everybody gets a shot.

Studying personality types is another major hobby of mine.  I’m fascinated by the fact of how many people are the exact same person, only in different packaging.  Sometimes there are carbon copies walking around in the same city at the same time.  I once ran into a copy of my own mold, but I was much younger then, and I doubt we’re the same today, he and I.

In reference to the “major” or popular genres of music, I listen to them all.  Even country music!  It kills me when people say, “Oh, I listen to EVERYTHING except country or rap.”  Yet, they don’t know a damn thing about either style — nothing other than what’s on constant rotation on MTV, BET, and any broadcast radio station.  For me, it’s all about the moods, and in each genre, in each sub-genre, in each niche and nuance there can be found a myriad of moods.  There is a style within a style for every occasion, for every mood. 


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